The Best Laid Plans...

So this afternoon has been one of those times when all the little things seem to be going wrong. It all started with a message from the Lufthansa app telling me that my flight home tomorrow from Madrid has been cancelled. My only two rescheduling options were a 10:00AM flight tomorrow, which I can’t do because i’m delivering a course (which is the reason I’m in Spain to begin with) or catch a 19:40 flight from Madrid to Zurich and have a 9 hour layover (essentially spend the night in Zurich) and catch a 7AM flight on Friday.


Turns out, 180, 000 of us won’t be on our original flight tomorrow. The cabin crews have gone a two day strike, disrupting 6, 000 flights across Thursday and Friday. The workers have decided to remind the big dawgs what havoc they can cause if the big dawgs won’t play ball.

So that happened.

And then, I wrote my blog post for #BlogPals19 and went to post it on my main blog, and it turns out, my site is down due to an internal server error. Luckily I have my so won’t miss a day of the challenge.

Then at my networking dinner this evening, my only drinking option was water or wine (not my thing) I couldn’t get a beer.

To top it all off, I lost one of my favourite hats! I know, I know in the grand scheme of things these little hiccups are just small potatoes. But I think, just the same, I’ll lock myself in my hotel room now and call it a night.

Here’s the audio that accompanies this post: