I guess now that my desktop PC is on the fritz, I’ll finally get some use out of my Raspberry Pi.

Distracted parenting

As a parent, I’m not in this space anymore, but I can image the added complexity of the ‘always on’ connection we have with our phones places on parenting today, especially those with young children.

“Toddlers cannot learn when we break the flow of conversations by picking up our cellphones or looking at the text that whizzes by our screens.” - Hirsh-Pasek

The dangers of distracted parenting are real.


Me and fellow trainer Mark Tasker were joking about having our holographic self projected into training rooms. I stumbled upon the work Aubot are doing and, well, it’s not so fetched of an idea as we thought, especially if you used something like this, which is available on the market now:


I don’t want to be old before I’m old, but my body has other ideas!

Ha! How do you know your hand exist?

Happy Veterans Day from a family who has served and is serving.

They tell me a well designed life means a life well lived. I should shake the dust off of my design doc and see what’s what.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

To my brothers and sisters in arms, happy Veterans Day.

I woke up with this tune in my head:


My brain is trying to resist transitioning into work mode.

“The thing to do,” says Maslow, is “to find out what you are really like inside, deep down, as a member of the human species and as a particular individual.”

On the Dead Man’s Finger this evening.

It was a cold and rainy day. So what did he do? He decided to make a first pass at clearing the attic of STUFF!

Life is less stressful if you submit yourself to all the accidents of fate and fortune. At least that’s been my experience.

I’m finally on my home. 12 hrs later than I should have been. But hey, that’s the nature of random forces outside of your control.

I don’t understand the logic of airports sometimes. Like now. Having my boarding pass scanned and ID checked by a machine, then taking 5 steps and having a human do exactly the same thing. At least the human did it with a smile.

I have a head full of fog this morning. The craft beer I comforted myself with late last night probably didn’t help. I woke to the promise of a free breakfast, which turned out to be a mini croissant and a coffee. Real breakfast doesn’t start until an hour after I leave. 😞

Ok now this is weird. A window looking into the shower/bathroom. Never seen this before!!

The future plunges into the past like a cool sweet glass of milk.

I have some time to kill. Unexpected layover. (@ Hotel Allegra in Kloten, Switzerland) www.swarmapp.com/soulcruze…

The strike affected 180,000 passengers. This is the mayhem I faced getting off the plane. All these people need new flights or a hotel to stay in. I managed to get sorted quickly by jumping into the first class queue.

My first time flying with Swiss Air.

Bye bye Madrid!

And so begins the long journey home. I like thinking in journeys, it adds a little spice to every day. Little journeys and epic journeys and everything in between. I love them all. The ups and the downs.