My last hour of peace before the madness that is the in-laws and relatives descend on our place for the next few days! 🎅🏽🎄

I love it when I am so focused and in flow that I forget to eat!! #focusmode

It’s about to start looking like Christmas in my house 😳🎄

Snow tagging…

Not have a whole lot of luck with flights it seems. 😟

Overheard in the airport…

Young female to her friend: I’m never getting on airplane ever again.

I wonder what her flight experience was like.

On the move again. This time Munich for a day and a night. Co-facilitating a piece on customer centricity.

If you’re like me, you probably like to feel that the work you’re doing has an impact or makes a difference in some way. Without that, it’s hard to stay motivated to keep doing what you’re doing.

Life is long enough if you use your time wisely.

Officially in the game now…

Easing into Sunday morning.

I love a good misty rain!

#smiling in the #rain

It’s too easy to get used to the way things are. Even problems. We learn to live them because “that’s just way things are.” But as designer Ted Fedallsays, look broader, look closer, learn to see the invisible thing that will solve the problem.

Aw man. I loved my Nerf football back in the day. Many fond memories of pickup games on the playground. RiP Fred Cox.

If you want to shift your perspective today, try reflecting on life at the humans race level. What does it all mean in view of the circle of life? #coffeecontemplation

I’ll say it again…

A browse through the Google graveyard makes me a little weary of using tools they bring out. I was a big user of Google Hangouts and Google Air for instance. Killed by Google I’ve been using Google Tasks and Google Keep a lot lately, but don’t want to get too attached.

Jack’s out there doing his frost thing today! brrr…

I’m up for shaking the world in a gentle way today. How about you?

The Willy Wonka of coffee, apparently:…

Interesting romp through some of Stephen King’s back catalog and some of the actors he’s helped along the way. Morgan Freeman’s bit towards the end had me in tears.

When you woke up, how did you feel?

I guess now that my desktop PC is on the fritz, I’ll finally get some use out of my Raspberry Pi.

Distracted parenting

As a parent, I’m not in this space anymore, but I can image the added complexity of the ‘always on’ connection we have with our phones places on parenting today, especially those with young children.

“Toddlers cannot learn when we break the flow of conversations by picking up our cellphones or looking at the text that whizzes by our screens.” - Hirsh-Pasek

The dangers of distracted parenting are real.


Me and fellow trainer Mark Tasker were joking about having our holographic self projected into training rooms. I stumbled upon the work Aubot are doing and, well, it’s not so fetched of an idea as we thought, especially if you used something like this, which is available on the market now: